Plymouth STEM Calendar
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    Add STEM Content

    Q: How do I add content to the Plymouth STEM Calendar?

    A: Currently, there is no way to add your own content. Please send details relating to your STEM activity using the information that can be found on the Admin Team page. Please expect a turnaround of one working day to see your activity appear on the Calendar.

    Q: Is it possible to have push notifications and alerts of events?

    No. The app is web based and web alerts and push notifications are not supported on mobile platforms using Android or iOS.

    Q: Can I make a favourites list and personalise content to myself?

    No. The plaform will not support this level of development, unfortunately.

    Q: Can I filter and search by category eg educational, employer, public, community?

    Yes, certainly. However, the Plymouth STEM Calendar will need to be fully operational with considerable content added before this feature is added.

    Q: Can this web app be used as a plugin so I can add it to my own website?

    Yes, absolutely. Simply copy and paste the code you see below into the section of your website where you want it to appear. You may want to apply your own CSS and you will probably want to change the height and width of the iframe to suit your page. This snippet is responsive and will automatically adjust to the screen width of the viewport. If you change the uniform resource locator of the iframe, it will cease to function. Unfortunately, support cannot be given to assist you to apply this code to your own website.

    If you have a question about the Plymouth STEM Calendar that does not relate to adding the iframe code to your own site, please contact the admin team (at the footer of every page) and your question will appear here.